When is a club not a club?   

Friday 15 November, 2013

It wouldn’t be a Friday without a statement from Ibrox. Today’s was prompted by a comment made by the Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell at the club’s AGM, which was a thinly-veiled dig at the current “Rangers” impersonating the old one:

The Club are disappointed with the comments attributed to Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell earlier today.

Rangers Football Club, now in its 141st year, has a proud history which has been recognised by the football authorities and was noted in a recent SPL Commission determination.

The Club will now take this matter up with the relevant football authorities.

Fact Howler 1: Rangers is not in its 141st year. The club died last year.

Fact Howler 2: the football authorities have not recognised any “proud history” and the SPL Commission referred to in the statement did not determine that Rangers were the same club as the one that was placed into liquidation last year; Lord Nimmo Smith expressed an opinion that a football club was capable of being owned and operated, but no legal ruling was made.

Good luck to the “Club” in its attempts to persuade the football authorities that Lawwell’s statement was, in some way, against the rules, incorrect or damaging to The Rangers International Football Club.

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