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BBC Trust denies reports it is to pursue Jim Spence Rangers complaint

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Newsnet Scotland on the BBC Trust not investigating a complaint regarding broadcaster Jim Spence, contrary to a report by The Herald’s Martin Williams claiming it was:

The BBC Trust’s rebuttal of the story came on 17 September, the day after The Herald article was published, but the article has still not been updated.

Mr Williams, the story’s author, admitted to Newsnet Scotland that he had received an email from the Trust informing him the story was incorrect but “did not realise they wanted a clarification”.

This is exactly the sort of thing Hostile Monkey was established to expose and highlight: deliberate failure to report the facts.

Note the very unambiguous language towards the end of the article (the Monkey’s emphasis):

When liquidated in June of last year, Rangers FC owed tens of millions to 276 creditors. Charles Green’s Sevco Scotland Limited acquired the assets of the club and the company was renamed as The Rangers Football Club Ltd. The new entity entered Scottish football in the lowest tier Third Division.

The Monkey awaits the deluge of complaints to Newsnet Scotland and the inevitable statement from The Rangers International Football Club Plc (or one of its subsidiaries) encouraging the same.