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Rangers investor Mike Ashley bought naming rights of Ibrox Stadium for just £1

Friday, September 5th, 2014

For a change, most of Scotland’s media were running to catch up with the Daily Record’s Keith Jackson yesterday over the story in which he revealed that the former Rangers director Charles Green had sold the naming rights to Ibrox stadium two years ago for just £1, to the Newcastle United and Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley.

The sheep simply trundled along with the herd as the story was drip-fed to the media by Green and the Easdale brothers – including the BBC, who really should know better.

However, later in the evening on Thursday 4th September, the BBC Scotland journalist Jim Spence said something on their nightly Sportsound programme that caught the Monkey’s attention:

“Who stands to benefit from this?”

Not even Jackson asked this question in his “exclusive” story, yet it is the single, most important question that needs to be answered – and with the exception of Spence, no-one has bothered to raise it.

Jackson’s story, by comparison, reads like a distraught, emotional plea on the part of the so-called journalist for Ashley “not to press the button on renaming Ibrox”.

It’s a fundamental problem for an individual like Jackson to investigate and report objectively on the club he clearly loves.

The basic conundrum for him is that anything he prints has to be commensurate with the Daily Record’s commercial requirements to sell advertising space and punt newspapers, while perhaps being of interest to the public – but Jackson is simply incapable of doing it because it would require him to cause harm to his favourite club.

The consequences for him would be a reduction in his access and sustained attacks from the club’s supporters.

His credibility as a journalist does not enter the equation, because he simply has none – yet his peers in the Scottish media repeatedly, and quite astonishingly, vote him newspaper journalist of the year at the annual Scottish Press Awards.

Similarly, journalists elsewhere in the Scottish media have significant issues with finding ways to broadcast or publish a story that is already out in the public domain, but which has clearly been leaked in order to benefit (either financially or commercially) third-party individuals like Charles Green, Mike Ashley or the Easdale brothers.

It’s a big problem for Scottish football journalism.

Update: he’s at it again today with a story about Ashley taking control of the club’s superstores. (Note the typo on the sub-heading: ‘payrole’).

Sporting integrity? It would have been sheer lunacy for Celtic to hand Legia Warsaw a free pass to the Champions League

Monday, August 18th, 2014

The Daily Record’s Keith Jackson, attempting to create the illusion of defending Celtic, while actually launching a bitter attack riddled with disdain for the club and its chief executive:

It was Peter Lawwell who gave Scottish football this very phrase ["sporting integrity"] back in the days when the main objective of Celtic’s chief 
executive was to do all in his power to pip Rangers to the title – and thereby secure his club a ticket to UEFA’s yearly pocket-stuffing 
extravaganza in Monte Carlo.

Back in 2008, Lawwell wrapped himself in a cloak of sporting 
integrity to demand no special 
treatment was afforded to his rivals who wanted the league season extended to help Walter Smith and his players go for UEFA Cup glory while allowing them to catch a breath in the defence of their domestic title.

It has also somehow become Celtic’s problem that a Polish club fielded an ineligible player during a Champions League encounter, thereby forfeiting the match, as per Uefa’s rules:

Lawwell was absolutely correct to sling the Poles a deaf ear. He’ll live with being labelled a hypocrite just fine so long as it means Ronny Deila and his players have a chance to put right all that went so very wrong against Legia.

This is passive-aggressive journalism at its very worst.

UPDATE (and Fact Howler by Jackson): As is being pointed out by numerous people on Twitter, Rangers did get the season extended in 2008.

Former Rangers director Paul Murray calls for board members to leave the club after hailing ‘stunning’ court victory to block AGM

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Try not to laugh:

This is not a victory for Paul Murray. This is a victory for Rangers fans everywhere.

It’s time for those in charge at Ibrox and Rugby Park to walk away

Monday, September 30th, 2013

The Daily Record’s Keith Jackson, some two weeks behind the BBC, decides to query the recent complaint from The Rangers Football Club Ltd regarding the corporation’s contact with Companies House over an incomplete annual return document filed on the company’s behalf:

After asking for clarification of their position, Companies House responded with the following: “When we receive a complaint or query relating to company filings these are passed to the relevant department in Companies House to pursue.

“This normally consists of writing to the company outlining the concern and asking them to clarify whether the complaint is justified.

“If so, they will be asked to submit amended documentation at the earliest opportunity.”

All of which seemed a little bit vague. So I tried again.

And this is what came back: “Our correspondence with the company is still ongoing and so at this stage we have nothing further to add.”

Wait a minute. Still ongoing? How can something be still ongoing if it never started in the first place?

Just who are we expected to believe?

You’ve a big boy Keith, make a choice.

‘Who are these people? I want to know who these people are’

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Former Ibrox director Paul Murray, speaking ‘exclusively’ to the Daily Record’s Keith Jackson, demanding to know the names of the people behind Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Holdings, the investment groups which funded Charles Green’s purchase of the former club’s assets:

These people could be about to have a huge say in determining the very future of the club but no-one knows who they are. The fans deserve to be told the truth.

Truth, it would seem, is a scarce commodity in Govan these days.

Fact Howler: Jackson’s uses the phrase “Blue Pitch – who funded Charles Green’s £5.5m takeover“.

Charles Green did not “takeover” Rangers – he purchased the assets of a failed company with the support of a business consortium.

Companies House seeks clarity over Sevco Scotland return

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

BBC Scotland reports that Sevco Scotland Ltd (now known as The Rangers Football Club Limited), a subsidiary of The Rangers International Football Club Plc, will be requested by Companies House to provide missing details of shareholding(s) in the company prior to it being acquired by its current “parent” company.

The document submitted on 12 September contained no details of shareholding during the return period from the company’s date of incorporation.

Let the Monkey guess… the missing shareholder is a certain Motherwell Born Billionare?

Jim McColl has no plans to overthrow Rangers board

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Jim McColl, minority shareholder in The Rangers International Football Club Plc:

I am a small shareholder and have no intention of increasing my position in the short to medium term.

Keith Jackson? Paging Mr Jackson?

Keith Jackson touts ‘billionaire’ Jim McColl takeover at Ibrox

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Scottish billionaire Jim McColl is spearheading a shareholder revolt to overthrow the dysfunctional Rangers board.

Has Keith Jackson learned nothing?