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Ally McCoist: Rangers must substantially invest in new players to ensure that high-flying Celtic don’t leave us behind

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

The Sunday Mail’s Hugh Keevins:

Ally McCoist looks at Celtic in the Champions League and knows Rangers will need massive investment in new players to keep up with them on the home front.

The Ibrox manager is putting it on the record now that he will need to make gradual additions to his squad rather than try to alter the side in one go when Rangers return to the top flight.

This would be a good idea if Rangers were actually in the top-flight. They’re not; the club is currently two seasons (at least) away from reaching the Scottish Premiership, which they would then have to compete in.

Additionally, given that the club’s “parent company” has only recently filed a set of audited annual accounts, it requires to file at least another two sets of annual accounts before eligibility for European competition could be approved.

Based on that, the first possible involvement in European competition (should the club qualify for any of the major tournaments) would be July 2016 – just under three years away.

The closest Rangers will come to “keeping up” with Celtic in the coming years is an encounter in the Scottish Cup, or the League Cup – which doesn’t have the luxury of a European slot for the winners.

Here’s where Keevins’ entire article falls apart: in the abject failure to question McCoist’s contradiction of logic; this is a club that reported an operating loss of almost £14m for the past 13 months, and the manager is discussing – unquestioned – the rebuilding of a team with money his club does not have, in order to participate in tournaments he may never see, against a club that has left his eating its dust.

However, this is what the club’s fans, Hugh Keevins and the Sunday Mail’s readership want: for Rangers to reach the unattainable, to be restored to their former glory and to lord it over a club whose support does not even acknowledge they even exist.