Rangers, bloggers, the media and The ‘L’ word   

Monday 4 November, 2013

Ireland-based Scots blogger Phil McGillivan, once again deliberately ignoring evidence when it fails to suit his agenda:

Only Jim Delahunt on Clyde consistently uses the “L” word when discussing matters Ibrox.

If liquidation isn’t in the narrative then the entire Sevco saga makes no sense.

Subsequently the hacks start to tie themselves in knots to present the same club fiction to their readers.

Only today, the Daily Record has used the very word Phil claims the newspaper refuses to print:

Murray and his partner Paul Murray have concerns about two shareholders – Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita holdings – who hold a 12 per cent stake in the club, with fans fearing they could be a front for former chief executive Charles Green or even Craig Whyte, the man who started the club on its path towards liquidation last year.

And The Scotsman: Skipper Lee McCulloch believes reaching their first final since Rangers went into administration and liquidation last year shows they are on the right track on their road to recovery.

And the BBC: King lost the £20m he invested during Sir David Murray’s spell as owner after Rangers went into liquidation last year.

And the Express: Rangers entered administration in February last year. Charles Green’s Sevco bought the club’s assets last June as it faced liquidation and later changed the name to The Rangers Football Club Plc.

And even The Herald’s Richard Wilson, a man known for his Succulent Lamb journalism manages to use it: The governing body would take into account the period King spent on the board after Craig Whyte took over as owner, preceding Rangers going into administration then liquidation last year.

The Monkey is baffled as to which “hacks” McGillivan is referring to.

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