Rangers boss Ally McCoist vows to remain at Ibrox after being linked with Crystal Palace   

Sunday 24 August, 2014

The Daily Record’s Scott McDermott, perpetuating a total fiction:

RANGERS boss Ally McCoist has vowed to stay at Ibrox – amid speculation that he’s on a list of candidates for the vacant Crystal Palace job.

Reports in London suggest the Ibrox gaffer is one of a host of names linked with the position at Selhurst Park, along with former Celtic manager Neil Lennon.

Try to read that first line again without laughing.

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Sources close to US billionaire George Soros rubbish claims that he is ready to buy into Gers   

Friday 22 August, 2014

Gary Ralston writing in The Daily Record:

They insist they’ve never heard of Green, have no interest in doing business with him or any desire to invest in Rangers.

Claim Chowder from the BBC’s Chris McLaughlin only 10 days ago:

Former Rangers chief executive Charles Green has told BBC Sport he is close to raising up to £10m to invest in the Scottish Championship club.[...]

[...]One of the interested parties is Soros Fund Management and it is believed the US-based group have held talks with a senior Rangers official.

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Kill your darlings   

Wednesday 20 August, 2014

Celtic manager Ronnie Deila learns the hard way on how not to give the Scottish media a line.

From the Daily Record:

6-1 thrashing against Warsaw made me feel so bad I felt as if I had killed someone

The Sun went one further with this headline on Twitter:

Ronny Deila said he felt like a MURDERER when Celtic’s Champions League hopes seemed dead.

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Wakaso Mubarak deal?   

Tuesday 19 August, 2014

Wakaso Mubarak heading to Celtic on loan: yep.

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Easdale brothers in bid to save Ferguson Shipbuilders   

Monday 18 August, 2014

From The Herald:

The Easdale brothers have expressed an interest in saving Ferguson Shipbuilders.

The Port Glasgow shipbuilder went into receivership last week, with the loss of 70 jobs.

The McGill’s Buses owners, who are also shareholders in Rangers Football Club, say they have now contacted administrators hope to help save the shipbuilder.

Talk about jumping off one sinking ship straight on to another.

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Sporting integrity? It would have been sheer lunacy for Celtic to hand Legia Warsaw a free pass to the Champions League   

Monday 18 August, 2014

The Daily Record’s Keith Jackson, attempting to create the illusion of defending Celtic, while actually launching a bitter attack riddled with disdain for the club and its chief executive:

It was Peter Lawwell who gave Scottish football this very phrase ["sporting integrity"] back in the days when the main objective of Celtic’s chief 
executive was to do all in his power to pip Rangers to the title – and thereby secure his club a ticket to UEFA’s yearly pocket-stuffing 
extravaganza in Monte Carlo.

Back in 2008, Lawwell wrapped himself in a cloak of sporting 
integrity to demand no special 
treatment was afforded to his rivals who wanted the league season extended to help Walter Smith and his players go for UEFA Cup glory while allowing them to catch a breath in the defence of their domestic title.

It has also somehow become Celtic’s problem that a Polish club fielded an ineligible player during a Champions League encounter, thereby forfeiting the match, as per Uefa’s rules:

Lawwell was absolutely correct to sling the Poles a deaf ear. He’ll live with being labelled a hypocrite just fine so long as it means Ronny Deila and his players have a chance to put right all that went so very wrong against Legia.

This is passive-aggressive journalism at its very worst.

UPDATE (and Fact Howler by Jackson): As is being pointed out by numerous people on Twitter, Rangers did get the season extended in 2008.

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Rangers fans concerned by potential deal with Newcastle owner Mike Ashley   

Monday 18 August, 2014

The Herald’s Hugh Macdonald quoting the Rangers supporters’ group ‘Union of Fans’:

“Will the board get an unequivocal assurance that the SFA will not use this issue as a stick to beat the club with further down the line? The SFA have a track record of attempting to impose draconian sanctions on Rangers using tenuous methods.”

Two obvious things spring to mind when reading this article, which have not occurred to Macdonald, or he has chosen to ignore:

One is his role as a journalist in questioning the above statement – as opposed to simply re-printing it verbatim and skipping to the main course – ie. the barefaced accusation from the Union of Fans that the SFA somehow has a history of treating Rangers unfairly or disproportionately for misdemeanours and will do so again.

Macdonald offers no opposition or analysis to this assertion.

At the very least, the idea that the SFA would offer the club (at the behest of a fans’ group) any kind of assurance that it would not take issue with a potential investor who later proves to be undesirable or problematic from a regulatory perspective is risible.

Rangers – and its fans – have a proud history of embracing investors of questionable wealth and dubious character; it would be perfectly normal for the sporting authorities to reserve future judgement on any potential investor or owner, although it’s worth pointing out that they have been somewhat lax at doing so in the past.

Secondly, the entire article reads like a personal plea by Macdonald on behalf of Rangers fans to the club’s board not to seek the help of Newcastle owner Mike Ashley as a solution to their financial problems, or, to permit the renaming of Ibrox as part of an investment package.

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Bitter Legia Warsaw legend Jan Tomaszewski calls for European football fans to hound Celtic across the continent   

Saturday 16 August, 2014

Some quite disgraceful and misleading journalism from the Daily Record’s Craig Swan:

TOMASZEWSKI called for calls fans across Europe to slaughter the Hoops wherever they go after branding the Parkhead club’s refusal to engage with Legia as dishonourable.

Except, Tomaszewski said nothing of the sort. Here’s what he did say:

“This has been the biggest scandal in the history of sport. I now want that Celtic go to stadiums around the world and get boos and whistles for the entire 90 minutes.

“I thought honour was not something you could buy but we have found that not having any is actually worth some money.

“I feel sorry for Celtic fans because they have behaved with real dignity. I feel sorry for the players who accepted defeat with their heads down and offered congratulations to Legia.

“I feel wholeheartedly it is the main people of Celtic who have contributed to this. I hope they soon have a bone in their throat with this affair and they choke.

“I appeal to fans all over the world. Receive this club, because unfortunately this club must be responsible for their owners or decision-makers, and treat them as they deserve.

“This is not justice and these people have not just desecrated Legia but European football. And they have shown that money is more important than honour.”

For the benefit of Swan, here’s the dictionary definition of “slaughter”:

Slaughter. VERB. 1. Kill (animals) for food.

2. Kill (people or animals) in a cruel or violent way, typically in large numbers.

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Imagine if Celtic had ‘done a Legia’   

Thursday 14 August, 2014

Graham Spiers in The Herald:

Had it been Celtic who had been bounced out of Europe on a Bartosz Bereszynski-style admin glitch – having beaten Legia Warsaw 6-1 over two games – I’m guessing the club’s response would have gone something like this.

Peter Lawwell, the Celtic CEO, would have been apoplectic with the injustice of it. So, too, the club’s supporters. And the Scottish media would have been urged in the strongest terms to try to overturn this affront to decency and fairness.

This is what passes for newspaper journalism; creating a hypothetical scenario in order to justify an attack on Celtic.

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King still in play as financial chess game rumbles on   

Tuesday 12 August, 2014

Hugh Macdonald (a journalist that the Monkey has a lot of respect for), purports to analyse the financial machinations at Ibrox with a feeble chess metaphor to describe the potential re-emergence of Grandmaster Dave King as a knight in shining armour to save a company facing checkmate.

King has been working the City since at least March. His initial strategy was to canvass support for his plan to take the proxy vote for significant shareholdings and force change. This, increasingly, has been seen to be impractical, perhaps even unworkable, as long as the major players remain united within the Ibrox boardroom.

The pressure must be applied to the Beaufort Group that holds the majority of shares. This has been applied effectively by the strategy of some fans to withhold season ticket money. There has been much argument over whether this constitutes a boycott but it would be much more instructive to investigate the action’s consequences.

It has brought King back into play, despite the reluctance of some on the Ibrox board to deal with the South African businessman. King’s patience was criticised over the summer but he may just have played his cards astutely.

Rangers are searching for money and King claims he has it. This seemingly straightforward case of demand and supply, however, founders on the rocks of implacable politics at Rangers.

In some circles, King is viewed as a criminal and a tax-dodger – rightly so, since being convicted by the South Africa Prosecuting Authority after pleading guilty to 41 contraventions of section 75 of the South Africa Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 and being sentenced according to his plea agreement.

However, make no mistake – King has money; lots of it. And he is no pawn.

Expect a Zwischenzug sometime soon.

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