Murrays could return to Rangers   

Tuesday 1 October, 2013

The Herald’s Richard Wilson does his level best to gloss over Paul Murray’s role as a non-executive director of Rangers during the five-year period preceding the club’s insolvency event in 2012, which would be necessarily scrutinised under the Scottish Football Association’s Articles of Association regarding fit and proper office bearers:

Despite (Craig) Whyte taking Rangers Football Club plc into administration, Paul Murray would not be prevented from returning to by the Scottish Football Association’s fit and proper person criteria.

Forget the fact that the sentence above does not actually make any sense (“prevented from returning to by”?), this is an astounding assertion with zero supporting evidence other than Murray’s own public proclamations about his own suitability for the board position; either Wilson has contacted the SFA regarding Murray’s potential return – and has been told his prior involvement with a failed football club would not present an obstacle to him joining the current PLC’s board – or, Wilson’s remark is pure propaganda disguised as news on behalf of Mr Murray.

Fact Howler 1: Yes, Craig Whyte took Rangers Football Club plc into administration, but the correct usage would be “liquidation”, not “administration”.

Fact Howler 2: If he somehow manages to pass the SFA’s fit and proper person text, Paul Murray would not be “returning” to Rangers Football Club plc; he is attempting to secure a seat on the board of The Rangers International Football Club PLC, which is an entirely separate entity. He has never occupied a seat on the board of this company, so he can’t possibly “return” to it.

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