Breaching football regulations   

Monday 23 May, 2016

A statement from Stewart Regan, the chief executive of the Scottish Football Association was published earlier today.

It announces, among other things, the appointment of an independent commission to investigate and report on the circumstances surrounding the disorder at Saturday’s Scottish Cup Final.

According to the statement, the findings of the report will be published in full in the interests of transparency.

However, if you are seeking en explanation for the statement that was released from Ibrox last night, look no further than this line here:

“In addition, the Scottish FA’s Compliance Officer has also started the process of investigating potential rule breaches from a football regulatory perspective. It should be pointed out that as the cup final is now subject to a criminal investigation by Police Scotland, we will share all information gleaned so far with them.

A narrative is being constructed: Rangers fans did nothing wrong on Saturday, Hibernian FC and its fans are guilty of horrendous wrongdoing and punishment should be forthcoming.

That punishment should be expulsion from European competition, thereby enabling Rangers to assume the Edinburgh club’s place in the forthcoming draw for the Europa League for the season 2016/17.

It’s also interesting to note that Hibernian have released a further statement regarding Saturday’s events, as have PFA Scotland, both of which are measured, appropriate and await the outcome of any forthcoming investigation into the events.

Only one organisation has issued an inflammatory, illiterate, ill-formed and idiotic response to the events: Rangers.

It begs the pertinent question: why?

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