Bitter Legia Warsaw legend Jan Tomaszewski calls for European football fans to hound Celtic across the continent   

Saturday 16 August, 2014

Some quite disgraceful and misleading journalism from the Daily Record’s Craig Swan:

TOMASZEWSKI called for calls fans across Europe to slaughter the Hoops wherever they go after branding the Parkhead club’s refusal to engage with Legia as dishonourable.

Except, Tomaszewski said nothing of the sort. Here’s what he did say:

“This has been the biggest scandal in the history of sport. I now want that Celtic go to stadiums around the world and get boos and whistles for the entire 90 minutes.

“I thought honour was not something you could buy but we have found that not having any is actually worth some money.

“I feel sorry for Celtic fans because they have behaved with real dignity. I feel sorry for the players who accepted defeat with their heads down and offered congratulations to Legia.

“I feel wholeheartedly it is the main people of Celtic who have contributed to this. I hope they soon have a bone in their throat with this affair and they choke.

“I appeal to fans all over the world. Receive this club, because unfortunately this club must be responsible for their owners or decision-makers, and treat them as they deserve.

“This is not justice and these people have not just desecrated Legia but European football. And they have shown that money is more important than honour.”

For the benefit of Swan, here’s the dictionary definition of “slaughter”:

Slaughter. VERB. 1. Kill (animals) for food.

2. Kill (people or animals) in a cruel or violent way, typically in large numbers.

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